Price List

Price listed below is for Chatswood store and online delivery orders only
(Get 20% discount when you bring four dry clean garments to Chatswood Store)
Price may different to other stores.

Dry Clean

(Starting price only, surcharge applies on light colours, silks, delicates, hard stains, luxuries)
2 Pieces Suits $28.8Blouse/Top$13.9
Dinner Suites $33.2Woolen/Jumper$13.9
Ski Suites$60Scarf (s)/(L)$13.9 / $20
Vest$13.9Skirt (s)/(L)$13.9 / $20
Jacket /Blazer$14.9Tie$13.9
3/4 Coat$26.8Short Dress$22.8
Long/Trench Coat$29.8Long Dress$27.8
Shirt Dry Clean$13.9Evening Dress$45
Blanket$25-$45Wedding Dress From$250
Quilt$35-$55Curtains$28/m width
Underlay$45-$60Leather Jacket From$90


Business Shirt/ T-Shirt$6.5Table Cloth$30-$60
5 Business Shirts$22Bedding one set (with press)$40
Lady Shirt$7.5Bag wash$7.5/kg

Alteration & Repair

Shorten pants$15Shorten Sleeves Jacket$55
(with original cuff)$35(with button holes)$150
Let down Pants/Skirt$17Pocket Repair from$10
Waist Take in / out$30Patching from$25
Side Seam in/out$35Stitching from$8
Re-hem$8Replace Zipper from$30